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Example Result

  "AED": {
    "currency_code": "AED",
    "name": "Arab Emirates Dirham",
    "symbol": "د.إ",
    "country_code": "AE",
    "country_name": "United Arab Emirates"
  "AFN": {
    "currency_code": "AFN",
    "name": "Afghan afghani",
    "symbol": "؋",
    "country_code": "AF",
    "country_name": "Afghanistan"
  "ALL": {
    "currency_code": "ALL",
    "name": "Albanian lek",
    "symbol": "L",
    "country_code": "AL",
    "country_name": "Albania"
  "AMD": {
    "currency_code": "AMD",
    "name": "Armenian dram",
    "symbol": "֏",
    "country_code": "AM",
    "country_name": "Armenia"
  "ANG": {
    "currency_code": "ANG",
    "name": "Netherlands Antillean guilder",
    "symbol": "ƒ",
    "country_code": "AN",
    "country_name": "Netherlands Antilles"
  "AOA": {
    "currency_code": "AOA",
    "name": "Angolan kwanza",
    "symbol": "Kz",
    "country_code": "AO",
    "country_name": "Angola"
  "ARS": {
    "currency_code": "ARS",
    "name": "Argentine peso",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "AR",
    "country_name": "Argentina"
  "AUD": {
    "currency_code": "AUD",
    "name": "Australian dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "AU",
    "country_name": "Australia"
  "AWG": {
    "currency_code": "AWG",
    "name": "Aruban florin",
    "symbol": "Afl",
    "country_code": "AW",
    "country_name": "Aruba"
  "AZN": {
    "currency_code": "AZN",
    "name": "Azerbaijani manat",
    "country_code": "AZ",
    "country_name": "Azerbaijan"
  "BAM": {
    "currency_code": "BAM",
    "name": "Convertible Mark",
    "symbol": "KM",
    "country_code": "BA",
    "country_name": "Bosnia and Herzegovina"
  "BBD": {
    "currency_code": "BBD",
    "name": "Barbadian dollar",
    "symbol": "Bds$",
    "country_code": "BB",
    "country_name": "Barbados"
  "BCH": {
    "currency_code": "BCH",
    "name": "Bitcoin Cash",
    "country_code": "WD",
    "country_name": "World"
  "BDT": {
    "currency_code": "BDT",
    "name": "Bangladeshi Taka",
    "symbol": "৳",
    "country_code": "BD",
    "country_name": "Bangladesh"
  "BGN": {
    "currency_code": "BGN",
    "name": "Bulgarian lev",
    "symbol": "лв",
    "country_code": "BG",
    "country_name": "Bulgaria"
  "BHD": {
    "currency_code": "BHD",
    "name": "Bahraini dinar",
    "symbol": "1⁄2",
    "country_code": "BH",
    "country_name": "Bahrain"
  "BIF": {
    "currency_code": "BIF",
    "name": "Burundian Franc",
    "symbol": "FBu",
    "country_code": "BI",
    "country_name": "Burundi"
  "BMD": {
    "currency_code": "BMD",
    "name": "Bermudian dollar",
    "symbol": "BD$",
    "country_code": "BM",
    "country_name": "Bermuda"
  "BND": {
    "currency_code": "BND",
    "name": "Brunei dollar",
    "symbol": "B$",
    "country_code": "BN",
    "country_name": "Brunei"
  "BOB": {
    "currency_code": "BOB",
    "name": "Bolivian boliviano",
    "symbol": "Bs",
    "country_code": "BO",
    "country_name": "Bolivia"
  "BRL": {
    "currency_code": "BRL",
    "name": "Brazilian Real",
    "symbol": "R$",
    "country_code": "BR",
    "country_name": "Brazil"
  "BSD": {
    "currency_code": "BSD",
    "name": "Bahamian dollar",
    "symbol": "B$",
    "country_code": "BS",
    "country_name": "The Bahamas"
  "BTC": {
    "currency_code": "BTC",
    "name": "Bitcoin",
    "symbol": "Ƀ",
    "country_code": "WD",
    "country_name": "World"
  "BTN": {
    "currency_code": "BTN",
    "name": "Bhutanese ngultrum",
    "symbol": "Nu",
    "country_code": "BT",
    "country_name": "Bhutan"
  "BWP": {
    "currency_code": "BWP",
    "name": "Botswana pula",
    "symbol": "P",
    "country_code": "BW",
    "country_name": "Botswana"
  "BYN": {
    "currency_code": "BYN",
    "name": "Belarusian ruble",
    "symbol": "Br",
    "country_code": "BY",
    "country_name": "Belarus"
  "BYR": {
    "currency_code": "BYR",
    "name": "Belarusian Ruble",
    "symbol": "Br",
    "country_code": "BY",
    "country_name": "Belarus"
  "BZD": {
    "currency_code": "BZD",
    "name": "Belize dollar",
    "symbol": "BZ$",
    "country_code": "BZ",
    "country_name": "Belize"
  "CAD": {
    "currency_code": "CAD",
    "name": "Canadian dollar",
    "symbol": "C$",
    "country_code": "CA",
    "country_name": "Canada"
  "CDF": {
    "currency_code": "CDF",
    "name": "Congolese franc",
    "symbol": "FC",
    "country_code": "CD",
    "country_name": "Democratic Republic of the Congo"
  "CHF": {
    "currency_code": "CHF",
    "name": "Swiss franc",
    "symbol": "Fr",
    "country_code": "CH",
    "country_name": "Switzerland"
  "CLP": {
    "currency_code": "CLP",
    "name": "Chilean Peso",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "CL",
    "country_name": "Chile"
  "CNY": {
    "currency_code": "CNY",
    "name": "Chinese Yuan Renminbi",
    "symbol": "¥",
    "country_code": "CN",
    "country_name": "China"
  "COP": {
    "currency_code": "COP",
    "name": "Colombian Peso",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "CO",
    "country_name": "Colombia"
  "CRC": {
    "currency_code": "CRC",
    "name": "Costa Rican colón",
    "symbol": "₡",
    "country_code": "CR",
    "country_name": "Costa Rica"
  "CUP": {
    "currency_code": "CUP",
    "name": "Cuban peso",
    "symbol": "$MN",
    "country_code": "CU",
    "country_name": "Cuba"
  "CVE": {
    "currency_code": "CVE",
    "name": "Cape Verdean escudo",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "CV",
    "country_name": "Cape Verde"
  "CZK": {
    "currency_code": "CZK",
    "name": "Czech koruna",
    "symbol": "Kč",
    "country_code": "CZ",
    "country_name": "Czech Republic"
  "DJF": {
    "currency_code": "DJF",
    "name": "Djiboutian franc",
    "symbol": "Fdj",
    "country_code": "DJ",
    "country_name": "Djibouti"
  "DKK": {
    "currency_code": "DKK",
    "name": "Danish Krone",
    "symbol": "kr",
    "country_code": "DK",
    "country_name": "Denmark"
  "DOP": {
    "currency_code": "DOP",
    "name": "Dominican Peso",
    "symbol": "RD$",
    "country_code": "DO",
    "country_name": "Dominican Republic"
  "DZD": {
    "currency_code": "DZD",
    "name": "Algerian dinar",
    "symbol": "دج",
    "country_code": "DZ",
    "country_name": "Algeria"
  "ECS": {
    "currency_code": "ECS",
    "name": "Ecuadorian sucre",
    "symbol": "S/",
    "country_code": "EC",
    "country_name": "Ecuador"
  "EGP": {
    "currency_code": "EGP",
    "name": "Egyptian Pound",
    "symbol": "ج.م",
    "country_code": "EG",
    "country_name": "Egypt"
  "ERN": {
    "currency_code": "ERN",
    "name": "Eritrean nakfa",
    "symbol": "Nfk",
    "country_code": "ER",
    "country_name": "Eritrea"
  "ETB": {
    "currency_code": "ETB",
    "name": "Ethiopian birr",
    "symbol": "Br",
    "country_code": "ET",
    "country_name": "Ethiopia"
  "ETH": {
    "currency_code": "ETH",
    "name": "Ethereum",
    "symbol": "ETH",
    "country_code": "WD",
    "country_name": "World"
  "EUR": {
    "currency_code": "EUR",
    "name": "Euro",
    "symbol": "€",
    "country_code": "EU",
    "country_name": "Europe"
  "FJD": {
    "currency_code": "FJD",
    "name": "Fijian Dollar",
    "symbol": "FJ$",
    "country_code": "FJ",
    "country_name": "Fiji"
  "FKP": {
    "currency_code": "FKP",
    "name": "Falkland Islands pound",
    "symbol": "£",
    "country_code": "FK",
    "country_name": "Falkland Islands"
  "GBP": {
    "currency_code": "GBP",
    "name": "Pound sterling",
    "symbol": "£",
    "country_code": "GB",
    "country_name": "United Kingdom"
  "GEL": {
    "currency_code": "GEL",
    "name": "Georgian Lari",
    "symbol": "ლ",
    "country_code": "GE",
    "country_name": "Georgia"
  "GHS": {
    "currency_code": "GHS",
    "name": "Ghana Cedi",
    "symbol": "GH₵",
    "country_code": "GH",
    "country_name": "Ghana"
  "GIP": {
    "currency_code": "GIP",
    "name": "Gibraltar pound",
    "symbol": "£",
    "country_code": "GI",
    "country_name": "Gibraltar"
  "GMD": {
    "currency_code": "GMD",
    "name": "Gambian dalasi",
    "symbol": "D",
    "country_code": "GM",
    "country_name": "Gambia"
  "GNF": {
    "currency_code": "GNF",
    "name": "Guinean franc",
    "symbol": "FG",
    "country_code": "GN",
    "country_name": "Guinea"
  "GTQ": {
    "currency_code": "GTQ",
    "name": "Guatemalan quetzal",
    "symbol": "Q",
    "country_code": "GT",
    "country_name": "Guatemala"
  "GYD": {
    "currency_code": "GYD",
    "name": "Guyanese dollar",
    "symbol": "G$",
    "country_code": "GY",
    "country_name": "Guyana"
  "HKD": {
    "currency_code": "HKD",
    "name": "Hong Kong dollar",
    "symbol": "HK$",
    "country_code": "HK",
    "country_name": "Hong Kong"
  "HNL": {
    "currency_code": "HNL",
    "name": "Honduran lempira",
    "symbol": "L",
    "country_code": "HN",
    "country_name": "Honduras"
  "HRK": {
    "currency_code": "HRK",
    "name": "Croatian kuna",
    "symbol": "kn",
    "country_code": "HR",
    "country_name": "Croatia"
  "HTG": {
    "currency_code": "HTG",
    "name": "Haitian gourde",
    "symbol": "G",
    "country_code": "HT",
    "country_name": "Haiti"
  "HUF": {
    "currency_code": "HUF",
    "name": "Hungarian forint",
    "symbol": "Ft",
    "country_code": "HU",
    "country_name": "Hungary"
  "IDR": {
    "currency_code": "IDR",
    "name": "Indonesian Rupiah",
    "symbol": "Rp",
    "country_code": "ID",
    "country_name": "Indonesia"
  "ILS": {
    "currency_code": "ILS",
    "name": "Israeli Sheqel",
    "symbol": "₪",
    "country_code": "IL",
    "country_name": "Israel"
  "INR": {
    "currency_code": "INR",
    "name": "Indian Rupee",
    "symbol": "₹",
    "country_code": "IN",
    "country_name": "India"
  "IQD": {
    "currency_code": "IQD",
    "name": "Iraqi dinar",
    "symbol": "ع.د",
    "country_code": "IQ",
    "country_name": "Iraq"
  "IRR": {
    "currency_code": "IRR",
    "name": "Iranian Rial",
    "symbol": "﷼",
    "country_code": "IR",
    "country_name": "Iran"
  "ISK": {
    "currency_code": "ISK",
    "name": "Icelandic Krona",
    "symbol": "kr",
    "country_code": "IS",
    "country_name": "Iceland"
  "JMD": {
    "currency_code": "JMD",
    "name": "Jamaican Dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "JM",
    "country_name": "Jamaica"
  "JOD": {
    "currency_code": "JOD",
    "name": "Jordanian dinar",
    "symbol": "JD",
    "country_code": "JO",
    "country_name": "Jordan"
  "JPY": {
    "currency_code": "JPY",
    "name": "Japanese Yen",
    "symbol": "¥",
    "country_code": "JP",
    "country_name": "Japan"
  "KES": {
    "currency_code": "KES",
    "name": "Kenyan shilling",
    "symbol": "KSh",
    "country_code": "KE",
    "country_name": "Kenya"
  "KGS": {
    "currency_code": "KGS",
    "name": "Kyrgyzstani som",
    "symbol": "лв",
    "country_code": "KG",
    "country_name": "Kyrgyzstan"
  "KHR": {
    "currency_code": "KHR",
    "name": "Cambodian Riel",
    "symbol": "៛",
    "country_code": "KH",
    "country_name": "Cambodia"
  "KMF": {
    "currency_code": "KMF",
    "name": "Comorian Franc",
    "symbol": "CF",
    "country_code": "KM",
    "country_name": "Comoros"
  "KPW": {
    "currency_code": "KPW",
    "name": "North Korean won",
    "symbol": "₩",
    "country_code": "KP",
    "country_name": "North Korea"
  "KRW": {
    "currency_code": "KRW",
    "name": "South Korean Won",
    "symbol": "₩",
    "country_code": "KR",
    "country_name": "South Korea"
  "KWD": {
    "currency_code": "KWD",
    "name": "Kuwaiti Dinar",
    "symbol": "د.ك",
    "country_code": "KW",
    "country_name": "Kuwait"
  "KYD": {
    "currency_code": "KYD",
    "name": "Cayman Islands dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "KY",
    "country_name": "Cayman Islands"
  "KZT": {
    "currency_code": "KZT",
    "name": "Kazakhstani tenge",
    "symbol": "₸",
    "country_code": "KZ",
    "country_name": "Kazakhstan"
  "LAK": {
    "currency_code": "LAK",
    "name": "Lao kip",
    "symbol": "₭",
    "country_code": "LA",
    "country_name": "Laos"
  "LBP": {
    "currency_code": "LBP",
    "name": "Lebanese pound",
    "symbol": "ل.ل",
    "country_code": "LB",
    "country_name": "Lebanon"
  "LKR": {
    "currency_code": "LKR",
    "name": "Sri Lankan rupee",
    "symbol": "රු",
    "country_code": "LK",
    "country_name": "Sri Lanka"
  "LRD": {
    "currency_code": "LRD",
    "name": "Liberian dollar",
    "symbol": "L$",
    "country_code": "LR",
    "country_name": "Liberia"
  "LSL": {
    "currency_code": "LSL",
    "name": "Lesotho loti",
    "symbol": "L",
    "country_code": "LS",
    "country_name": "Lesotho"
  "LTC": {
    "currency_code": "LTC",
    "name": "Litecoin",
    "symbol": "Ł",
    "country_code": "WD",
    "country_name": "World"
  "LYD": {
    "currency_code": "LYD",
    "name": "Libyan dinar",
    "symbol": "LD",
    "country_code": "LY",
    "country_name": "Libya"
  "MAD": {
    "currency_code": "MAD",
    "name": "Moroccan dirham",
    "symbol": "د.م.",
    "country_code": "MA",
    "country_name": "Morocco"
  "MDL": {
    "currency_code": "MDL",
    "name": "Moldovan Leu",
    "symbol": "MDL",
    "country_code": "MD",
    "country_name": "Moldova"
  "MGA": {
    "currency_code": "MGA",
    "name": "Malagasy Ariary",
    "symbol": "Ar",
    "country_code": "MG",
    "country_name": "Madagascar"
  "MKD": {
    "currency_code": "MKD",
    "name": "Macedonian Denar",
    "symbol": "ден",
    "country_code": "MK",
    "country_name": "Macedonia"
  "MMK": {
    "currency_code": "MMK",
    "name": "Burmese kyat",
    "symbol": "K",
    "country_code": "MM",
    "country_name": "Myanmar"
  "MNT": {
    "currency_code": "MNT",
    "name": "Mongolian Tugrik",
    "symbol": "₮",
    "country_code": "MN",
    "country_name": "Mongolia"
  "MOP": {
    "currency_code": "MOP",
    "name": "Macanese pataca",
    "symbol": "MOP$",
    "country_code": "MO",
    "country_name": "Macau"
  "MRO": {
    "currency_code": "MRO",
    "name": "Mauritanian ouguiya",
    "symbol": "UM",
    "country_code": "MR",
    "country_name": "Mauritania"
  "MUR": {
    "currency_code": "MUR",
    "name": "Mauritian Rupee",
    "symbol": "₨",
    "country_code": "MU",
    "country_name": "Mauritius"
  "MVR": {
    "currency_code": "MVR",
    "name": "Maldivian rufiyaa",
    "symbol": "Rf",
    "country_code": "MV",
    "country_name": "Maldives"
  "MWK": {
    "currency_code": "MWK",
    "name": "Malawian kwacha",
    "symbol": "MK",
    "country_code": "MW",
    "country_name": "Malawi"
  "MXN": {
    "currency_code": "MXN",
    "name": "Mexican peso",
    "symbol": "MEX$",
    "country_code": "MX",
    "country_name": "Mexico"
  "MYR": {
    "currency_code": "MYR",
    "name": "Malaysian ringgit",
    "symbol": "RM",
    "country_code": "MY",
    "country_name": "Malaysia"
  "NAD": {
    "currency_code": "NAD",
    "name": "Namibian dollar",
    "symbol": "N$",
    "country_code": "NA",
    "country_name": "Namibia"
  "NGN": {
    "currency_code": "NGN",
    "name": "Nigerian Naira",
    "symbol": "₦",
    "country_code": "NG",
    "country_name": "Nigeria"
  "NIO": {
    "currency_code": "NIO",
    "name": "Nicaraguan córdoba",
    "symbol": "C$",
    "country_code": "NI",
    "country_name": "Nicaragua"
  "NOK": {
    "currency_code": "NOK",
    "name": "Norwegian krone",
    "symbol": "kr",
    "country_code": "NO",
    "country_name": "Norway"
  "NPR": {
    "currency_code": "NPR",
    "name": "Nepalese rupee",
    "symbol": "Rs",
    "country_code": "NP",
    "country_name": "Nepal"
  "NZD": {
    "currency_code": "NZD",
    "name": "New Zealand Dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "NZ",
    "country_name": "New Zealand"
  "OMR": {
    "currency_code": "OMR",
    "name": "Omani rial",
    "symbol": "ر.ع.",
    "country_code": "OM",
    "country_name": "Oman"
  "PAB": {
    "currency_code": "PAB",
    "name": "Panamanian Balboa",
    "symbol": "B/",
    "country_code": "PA",
    "country_name": "Panama"
  "PEN": {
    "currency_code": "PEN",
    "name": "Peruvian sol",
    "symbol": "S/",
    "country_code": "PE",
    "country_name": "Peru"
  "PGK": {
    "currency_code": "PGK",
    "name": "Papua New Guinean Kina",
    "symbol": "K",
    "country_code": "PG",
    "country_name": "Papua New Guinea"
  "PHP": {
    "currency_code": "PHP",
    "name": "Philippine peso",
    "symbol": "₱",
    "country_code": "PH",
    "country_name": "Philippines"
  "PKR": {
    "currency_code": "PKR",
    "name": "Pakistani rupee",
    "symbol": "Rs",
    "country_code": "PK",
    "country_name": "Pakistan"
  "PLN": {
    "currency_code": "PLN",
    "name": "Polish Zloty",
    "symbol": "zł",
    "country_code": "PL",
    "country_name": "Poland"
  "PYG": {
    "currency_code": "PYG",
    "name": "Paraguayan Guaraní",
    "symbol": "₲",
    "country_code": "PY",
    "country_name": "Paraguay"
  "QAR": {
    "currency_code": "QAR",
    "name": "Qatari Rial",
    "symbol": "ر.ق",
    "country_code": "QA",
    "country_name": "Qatar"
  "RON": {
    "currency_code": "RON",
    "name": "Romanian leu",
    "symbol": "LEU",
    "country_code": "RO",
    "country_name": "Romania"
  "RSD": {
    "currency_code": "RSD",
    "name": "Serbian Dinar",
    "symbol": "РСД",
    "country_code": "RS",
    "country_name": "Serbia"
  "RUB": {
    "currency_code": "RUB",
    "name": "Russian ruble",
    "symbol": "руб",
    "country_code": "RU",
    "country_name": "Russia"
  "RWF": {
    "currency_code": "RWF",
    "name": "Rwandan franc",
    "symbol": "FRw",
    "country_code": "RW",
    "country_name": "Rwanda"
  "SAR": {
    "currency_code": "SAR",
    "name": "Saudi riyal",
    "symbol": "ر.س",
    "country_code": "SA",
    "country_name": "Saudi Arabia"
  "SBD": {
    "currency_code": "SBD",
    "name": "Solomon Islands Dollar",
    "symbol": "SI$",
    "country_code": "SB",
    "country_name": "Solomon Islands"
  "SCR": {
    "currency_code": "SCR",
    "name": "Seychellois Rupee",
    "symbol": "SR",
    "country_code": "SC",
    "country_name": "Seychelles"
  "SEK": {
    "currency_code": "SEK",
    "name": "Swedish krona",
    "symbol": "kr",
    "country_code": "SE",
    "country_name": "Sweden"
  "SGD": {
    "currency_code": "SGD",
    "name": "Singapore dollar",
    "symbol": "S$",
    "country_code": "SG",
    "country_name": "Singapore"
  "SHP": {
    "currency_code": "SHP",
    "name": "Saint Helena pound",
    "symbol": "£",
    "country_code": "SH",
    "country_name": "Saint Helena"
  "SLL": {
    "currency_code": "SLL",
    "name": "Sierra Leonean leone",
    "symbol": "Le",
    "country_code": "SL",
    "country_name": "Sierra Leone"
  "SOS": {
    "currency_code": "SOS",
    "name": "Somali shilling",
    "symbol": "Sh.So.",
    "country_code": "SO",
    "country_name": "Somalia"
  "SRD": {
    "currency_code": "SRD",
    "name": "Surinamese dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "SR",
    "country_name": "Suriname"
  "STD": {
    "currency_code": "STD",
    "name": "São Tomé and Príncipe dobra",
    "symbol": "Db",
    "country_code": "ST",
    "country_name": "São Tomé and Príncipe"
  "SVC": {
    "currency_code": "SVC",
    "name": "Salvadoran Colón",
    "symbol": "₡",
    "country_code": "SV",
    "country_name": "El Salvador"
  "SYP": {
    "currency_code": "SYP",
    "name": "Syrian Pound",
    "symbol": "LS",
    "country_code": "SY",
    "country_name": "Syria"
  "SZL": {
    "currency_code": "SZL",
    "name": "Swazi lilangeni",
    "symbol": "L",
    "country_code": "SZ",
    "country_name": "Swaziland"
  "THB": {
    "currency_code": "THB",
    "name": "Thai baht",
    "symbol": "฿",
    "country_code": "TH",
    "country_name": "Thailand"
  "TND": {
    "currency_code": "TND",
    "name": "Tunisian dinar",
    "symbol": "د.ت",
    "country_code": "TN",
    "country_name": "Tunisia"
  "TOP": {
    "currency_code": "TOP",
    "name": "Tongan paʻanga",
    "symbol": "¢",
    "country_code": "TO",
    "country_name": "Tonga"
  "TRY": {
    "currency_code": "TRY",
    "name": "Turkish Lira",
    "symbol": "₺",
    "country_code": "TR",
    "country_name": "Turkey"
  "TTD": {
    "currency_code": "TTD",
    "name": "Trinidad & Tobago Dollar",
    "symbol": "TT$",
    "country_code": "TT",
    "country_name": "Trinidad and Tobago"
  "TWD": {
    "currency_code": "TWD",
    "name": "Taiwan dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "TW",
    "country_name": "Taiwan"
  "TZS": {
    "currency_code": "TZS",
    "name": "Tanzanian Shilling",
    "symbol": "TSh",
    "country_code": "TZ",
    "country_name": "Tanzania"
  "UAH": {
    "currency_code": "UAH",
    "name": "Ukrainian hryvnia",
    "symbol": "₴",
    "country_code": "UA",
    "country_name": "Ukraine"
  "UGX": {
    "currency_code": "UGX",
    "name": "Ugandan Shilling",
    "symbol": "USh",
    "country_code": "UG",
    "country_name": "Uganda"
  "USD": {
    "currency_code": "USD",
    "name": "United States dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "US",
    "country_name": "United States"
  "UYU": {
    "currency_code": "UYU",
    "name": "Uruguayan peso",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_code": "UY",
    "country_name": "Uruguay"
  "UZS": {
    "currency_code": "UZS",
    "name": "Uzbekistani som",
    "symbol": "UZS",
    "country_code": "UZ",
    "country_name": "Uzbekistan"
  "VND": {
    "currency_code": "VND",
    "name": "Vietnamese dong",
    "symbol": "₫",
    "country_code": "VN",
    "country_name": "Vietnam"
  "VUV": {
    "currency_code": "VUV",
    "name": "Vanuatu vatu",
    "symbol": "VT",
    "country_code": "VU",
    "country_name": "Vanuatu"
  "WST": {
    "currency_code": "WST",
    "name": "Samoan Tala",
    "symbol": "WS$",
    "country_code": "WS",
    "country_name": "Samoa"
  "XAF": {
    "currency_code": "XAF",
    "name": "CFA franc",
    "symbol": "FCFA",
    "country_name": "Central Africa"
  "XCD": {
    "currency_code": "XCD",
    "name": "East Caribbean dollar",
    "symbol": "$",
    "country_name": "East Caribbean"
  "XOF": {
    "currency_code": "XOF",
    "name": "West African CFA franc",
    "symbol": "CFA",
    "country_name": "West Africa"
  "XPF": {
    "currency_code": "XPF",
    "name": "CFP franc",
    "symbol": "F",
    "country_name": "French overseas collectivities"
  "YER": {
    "currency_code": "YER",
    "name": "Yemeni Rial",
    "symbol": "﷼",
    "country_code": "YE",
    "country_name": "Yemen"
  "ZAR": {
    "currency_code": "ZAR",
    "name": "South African rand",
    "symbol": "R",
    "country_code": "ZA",
    "country_name": "South Africa"